William McIntosh

Late Afternoon In Heiligenblut

Stopped for some quick shots of Heiligenblut before heading up one of the most terrifying roads in all of Austria.

Mid Winter Storm Over Paradise Pier

The Gathering Storm

An early morning storm moves in over Laguna Beach, CA

Disneyland Paris Sunset

Victoria Beach, Laguna, CA

Victoria Beach Sunset

A recent sunset from Victoria Beach in South Laguna, CA

Crescent Bay Sunrise

The view as the sun briefly broke through the clouds in Laguna Beach last Saturday morning.

Reflecting At The End Of A Stormy Day

Taken a few months ago at Victoria Beach in Laguna, CA

Sunset At Paradise Pier

Stopped by after work to grab a quick shot of a storm breaking up over Paradise Pier in California Adventure.

Cathedral Sunset

When I realized that the sunset would be behind me, I waded across the Merced River to get this shot. This is just East of Cathedral Beach in Yosemite looking back at the Cathedral Rocks.

Horsetail Falls, Yosemite, 2012

The Cannon On Calton Hill

The View From Neuschwanstein